IE7 and me whining...

I HATE internet explorer - that's bold, emphasis, captial letters hate. I really despise creating a site, getting everything working...and then IE blows something up.

That's why I love IE7 - no not This IE& but This one. Javascript fixing IE's idiotic problems - it's marvelous. I just wish he'd do a release soon, he says there's lots of stuff fixed for the next version (including print stylesheets - hip hip horray) but there hasn't been a release since september and dammit, I want my IE7 fix. I don't care if there are big gaping bugs at this point, as long as it's workable. I just want a release :)

Why is IE7 so great? well, you put it in a conditional comment on your page and voila - no more css hacks needed for stupid IE. Actually, it's interesting to look at web stats for browsers anymore. What do you see? (beyond the bots) Lots of IE6, Lots of Mozilla (firefox and mozilla and camino et al), a few IE 5.5, and the occasional IE 5.01 - I haven't seen a netscape 4 in...well a long time, so I no longer code for it...well I code for it but not in the way you'd imagine. I always give my stylesheets a media with a comma (tv, screen, projection) and NS4 will completely ignore the stylesheet - voila, you get plain html, you baka.

And it just cuts down on debugging. I tend to write for Firefox/mozilla - then I test in the latest netscape just to be sure, and then opera in case there's a weird bug. Then I run the "fix all IE's problems" route. Often it takes me longer to fix IE than to create the page/layout in the first place. IE7 just makes that go so much smoother. There are still some bugs and IE5.0.x can't be fixed completely cause it doesn't have a png filter - but still it makes things look much better.

Dean Edwards, I love you....any chance we can get even snapshot releases of IE7 ?? (big puppy eyes)


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